Automate your orders via our API

All Teezily Plus products can be automatically fulfilled by setting up our API

API for beginners

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Already you should know that these are used by programmers to build solutions that involve some extra programming. The API for Teezily Plus will automate sending orders from your online store to our system, so that you don’t have to lift a finger. But in order to connect your store to Teezily Plus via API, you’ll have to hire a programmer to do that for you.

NB! You don’t need the API to use Teezily Plus. You can manually submit your orders. We suggest prioritizing getting sales first (building your site, marketing), before thinking about custom API integrations.

API Documentation v1 API Documentation v2 (beta) Generate my API Key

Plug and Play API options

We are keeping on integrating the most popular e-commerce platforms with our API, so that you can easily hook them up. If you are using Shopify, you can easily import your products and orders in your "Shops" category of your Teezily Plus dashboard.

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International & Fast Shipping Service

We have fulfillment centers around the world to ship your products globally and fast

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